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You want to elevate your identity, and you know you need to look professional but you don't know where to start with your imagery and go about capturing what you need, consistently and effectively. 

Heres some of my top tips on how to elevate your own photography before you book in with a professional, whether it be for your socials, stories, blogging or even you're trying your luck at your own personal branding photography, these tips will give you the best head start! Plus, they can really help delve into what you need and prepare you as much as possible for when you do book a session!

  • De-Clutter- there's nothing worse than messy backgrounds in photos. You could have a very shallow depth of field that has lots of blur and it could still be distracting.  I would recommend poping your iPhone (or other phone) into a portrait mode, to help, and even photograph items in your business such as books, note books or whichever items represent you and your business in this mode too.

  • All about the angles - if you’re shooting from crotch up that’s never a good look, unless you want things to look different and quirky. Thinking about the angle and making sure your eyes are in line with the camera really helps. It connects you to the viewer and makes things look more natural and normal. Having your eyes looking the way you are facing helps too. Also think about your focal length. Chat to me more about this if you like!
  • Light matters - A dingy room with no light is no good. The viewer won't be able to see what you're doing properly and it will also make your business look a bit miserable and uninviting. A well lit room is ideal so in the morning or during the day is the best time to take photographs unless you have access to a more powerful light source than your energy saving light bulb (I know this issue all too well!)  Again - lets chat more about this and direction of light if you like!

  • Preparation – prepare what you want to say  (if filming) and how you want to come across beforehand. Planning always pays off even if you don’t stick to everything. Think about your brand identity and values at each step - for example, if you are a corporate business, you wouldn't turn up in trainers, and if Mums are your target audience - you may use more friendly terminology or feminine colours or even props in your imagery (without the want to sound sexist)

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  • Be you - Making business personable really sells - people love buying from people that I can relate to and understand and not from robots or people who are telling them to buy something. Tell your story - show your viewer the steps they take with you through photography 

Bonus Tips:

  • – Professional & creative Headshots of your team are a great way to make your business more personal and stand out from others.
  • Become an eco-friendly brand. Why not plant a tree for every new client? Its topical to be eco friendly, but if you truly care about it too, it shows in your work and values. You will then attract people with the same values.

I hope you enjoyed reading through these tips and they gave you a few things to think about and consider. 

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