Portable Studio

Last Month I had the pleasure of photographing The Bridges, a Family of 4 (soon to be 5), In their Family home. They had just had a new kitchen fitted and work on their interiors finished, so a perfect time to use their bright, clean walls as a backdrop.

One thing that makes my business different to others is the versatility of my portable studio. I have access to a studio in Epsom, Surrey, you can come along to my home in Ashtead or I can come to you!

If you’re not keen on a photoshoot at your home, there are many areas that are great for location shoots too and that do not charge (public areas) such as Ashtead woods. (I will elaborate on this next year in a blog post about different locations for different seasons.)

We also decided to get some shots outside as their garden was extremely colourful.

I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot and am so pleased with the way the photographs came out. It’s amazing what you can achieve with studio lights, even in small spaces. 

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