Inclusive Fathers Day

Did you know it’s Pride Month?

With Fathers Day coming up in under a week now, I thought it would be a great chance to talk about what, as individuals (and a business), we can do to be as inclusive as possible.

As a business, I mean this in terms of not only ‘in-person’ when we meet on your session but with all things leading up to it!

How we speak on our website, adverts, in emails, over the phone as well as in person (etc).

Pride month is an annual celebration for the LGBTQ Community. This year I thought it would be an awesome Idea to share some thoughts as to how we can also celebrate Fathers Day in an inclusive way.

- Re-Consider Gender Stereotyping

Instead of asking others what they gifted their Father, why not ask something like, did they celebrate this weekend? This question is open to interpretation and may be received better.

- Don’t assume

Think as if you were in others shoes, a tip that never goes out of fashion - like that Eminem song, ‘Beautiful’ (warning, 18 plus).

Some may find this day hard, some may find it uncomfortable. If we celebrate in a certain way, let’s not assume others will too.

- Be Open

Let’s be open to hearing about other kinds of families and how they celebrate, what they are and aren’t comfortable with.

- Educate

If you hear someone gender stereotyping or saying something that doesn’t sit right with you, voice it in a respectable manner. They may learn something! If we all took a second to think and be considerate, the world would be a better place.

- Lastly, support businesses who support LGBTQ awareness and provide gender-free/friendly gifts!

ZMP Gift Vouchers are inclusive and available to purchase on request! 

So, Happy Inclusive Father’s Day! To you and whoever your Father figure is (even if it’s you)!

Mini Lavender Sessions available soon (July 2021) and Studio sessions are bookable week-days and weekends. Thank you! Zoe 


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