Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography

Ethereal and Emotive are the words I would use to describe Lauren and Andy’s day at Gate Street Barn. Surrey Wedding Photography at Gate Street Barn - Zoe Mills Photography

It was a pleasure to capture their Wedding Photography at Gate Street Barn. The venue is family run and nestled in the Surrey Hills, home to farm animals including pigs and sheep (cute!). As-well as the barn itself, Gate Street features the tack room, the old dairy and many more rooms for your guests to explore with bonus onsite accommodation! With Photo and Video Suppliers, Your day can be captured perfectly at Gate Street Barn 

Gate Street is a timeless rustic venue that lends itself well to couples who love and care for the environment and are sustainable-conscious, just like Zoe Mills Photography. Being family run, GSB also goes hand in hand with with ZMP’s core value’s - togetherness. When you plan a Wedding, the recurrent theme is love. You are expanding your family. These are moments to remember are what gives a photographer their importance, capturing memories.

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