Engagement Couple Photography in Surrey, Leith Hill during Sunset

Carlie and Nige were engaged last year (2019) in the romantic golden heat of Santorini, and it’s also where they will be tying the knot next year!

I was so excited to be taking some couple photographs for them as I’ve known Carlie now for about 15 years! 

I love how relaxed and ‘themselves’ they were. I think you’d agree, if we were to name this series of photographs that ‘Cheeky Sunset Vibes’ would be suitable.

Engagement photography is one of my favourite things to do apart from wedding photography! Leith Hill in Dorking, Surrey was such a stunning location for engagement photography. That view! I can’t wait to hear all about their wedding in Santorini! What a dream location for a destination wedding!

Don’t grow up guys, its a trap! And Carlie and Nige demonstrate the fun in this all too well!

P.s. check out the GIFF at the bottom of the set of images, something fun I now include in my engagement photography sessions!

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