1: 3 Favourite Photographs of 2019

I’ve decided to start with my 3 favourite photographs that I’ve taken so far this year. This is a big challenge for me - to choose something like this but we have to push ourselves in order to grow, right? 

A: Wedding: Still life. I adore this photograph because I envisioned it just as I was creating it. I love how the veil acts as a background and foreground and how the light leads you around the photograph. I also love how the pink of the perfume comes out next to the cream horse-shoe, and how the lines and curves are so strong and bold. Taken from the ‘Getting Ready’ Stages of Gizela and Tom’s Wedding last month. 6/7/19

B: Wedding: This photo just worked effortlessly and I love the composition. It feels really rewarding when you get to deliver what your clients want, in this case, a must being a photograph next to Tom’s beloved red Porsche. Congratulations Gizela and Tom! 6/7/19

C: Portrait: Super man eh oh! (Are you with me!?) This is a recent idea, well, one I’ve been wanting to do for a while but recently managed to make work, with the help of this scrumptious, charming young man called Finlay, his (secret) Girlfriend Ellie, and his brilliant Brother Aiden. 3/8/19

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